Rhian Sheehan

Rhian Sheehan is a New Zealand based composer &: producer of cinematic music who is known for his unique melding of experimental electronica with orchestral music and environmental sound recordings. Predominantly writing music for Film &: Television, he has also released 5 albums to date. His debut album ‘Paradigm Shift’ (LOOP Recordings) is regarded as a landmark in New Zealand electronica and was released with much acclaim in the UK. Since then his work has appeared on many international CD compilations, most notably the multi-platinum selling Café del Mar and Lazy Sunday CD compilations. Sheehan has also written music that has appeared regularly on UK BBC television programming, including BBC Horizon and Top Gear, as well as The Discovery Channel and the National Geographic channel. His music has also been heard in a variety of TV commercials, movie trailers and short films. In 2009 he composed the soundtrack to the UK’s National Space Centre’s We Are Astronomers, a 360° Full Dome Film narrated by Doctor Who’s David Tennant which is currently screening in digital planetariums around the world. In 2009 Sheehan composed the score to the 13 part prime-time TV Drama series The Cult (for which he won a Qantas Film &: TV award). He also wrote the soundtrack to the Emmy Award winning series Reservoir Hill.

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